The Wack Pack

Notable members of the Wack Pack:

Ass Napkin Ed – don’t ask how he received his name

Beetlejuice – the lovable jolly dwarf loves to talk smack and is usually in a different reality

Bigfoot – a master of the English language who is a favorite of Vermont law enforcement

Bobo – he has a shrine to Howard, and a great hair piece

Crazy Alice – a very angry woman with some sharp hateful language.

Debbie the Pet Lady – anger redefined.  Her long rants are endless.  Watch out for her curse words!

Eric the Midget -look for this amazing actor soon on “In Plain Sight”.  His birthday is March 11!

Fred the Elephant Boy – a wack pack veteran, still pooping his pants and moonlighting as an asian

Ham Hands Bill - responsible for one of the greatest phony phone calls, look for him ordering flowers on youtube

High Pitch Eric - probably the most consistent member of the wack pack, the member is famous for his fear of fish, eating all you can eat pancakes, and for suing his mom.  Take a listen to his “Who is Kelly Clarkson” phony phone call.  When is the next Craptacular?

Jeff the Drunk – a very grateful trailer dweller from upstate New York.  Howard did not take kindly to his behavior at the AGT taping.

Joey Boots – the gay videographer in New York

John the Stutterer – look for his famous clip where he fights with Ralph and proclaims that he has rock star hair

Mariann from Brooklyn – Fred plays bird sounds based on the tone of her voice.  Howard thinks she is not as bad looking as she sounds.

Medicated Pete – known for his famous rendition of “Purple Rain”, this lovable former intern is famous for his cool demeanor and entertaining visits to the show

Sour Shoes – Michael DelCampo, a great musician that is capable of making Steve Langford very angry

Underdog Lady – yes, she is serious

Yucko the Clown – the racist clown who appears on the cleanbox tours.


Freddie Prinze Jr. Made a Bet About SMG 13 Years Ago, and He Won

In 2001, Freddie Prinze Jr . appeared on Howard Stern. At the time, Freddie was 25 years old and engaged to Sarah Michelle Gellar . As you can see in the video above, Howard Stern spent a portion of the interview grilling Freddie about the engagement. Howard insists the marriage won't last and even offers to make a million-dollar bet that the marriage won't even go 10 years. And now, 13 years …

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